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Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Our Quality and Supply Chain

Indistinguishable quality across our worldwide supply chain targeted at your local needs.

Quality | Supply Chain | Local Stock | Global Inventory | Robust Manufacturing

Indistinguishable Quality Across Entire Supply Chain

Our dedicated Quality Teams, both locally at Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati and Swagelok Corporate, work every day to uphold the highest levels of quality you have come to expect from Swagelok.

Quality Standards

The Swagelok Quality System (SQS) is a business management system enabling sales and service centers to systematically manage and improve processes throughout their supply chains.

Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati is audited every year to ensure compliance and performance.

Design and Fabrication Quality

Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati holds over 30 different certifications in a wide variety of operations to ensure we can meet your most challenging requests.

Our Quality Team works closely with our Operations Team to ensure the high level of Swagelok quality is carried over from the individual components to your final assembly.


Behind every Swagelok product and assembly is the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty — widely regarded as the industry's strongest.

Worldwide Supply Chain Targeted at Your Local Needs

Strategically Stocking Based on Local Needs

Inventory customized around local customer needs

  • Over $1.75m on-hand inventory in Indianapolis and Cincinnati
  • Blanket orders and stocking agreements to ensure Just-in-Time inventory

Stocking and Vendor Managed Inventory capabilities

  • 25+ customers in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky managed onsite by our inventory specialist

Innovative Material Storage & Consignment

  • In-house storage locations for project and production needs

Collaborative Replenishment

  • Daily stock replacement from corporate based on total usage and customer

Access to Global Inventory

  • Our global distribution network operates in 70 countries from 200+ sales and service centers, 20 manufacturing facilities, and five global tech centers
  • Our 9,400 associates worldwide work together to
    provide factory support, field engineering, technical services, coordinated deliveries, inventory replenishment, and a range
    of special expertise
  • With our access to global inventory, you are never far
    from the products you need, when you need them

We are one interconnected global team.

Robust Manufacturing

  • Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati collaborates closely with Swagelok Manufacturing and Supply Chain to determine local stocking strategies based on our customers strategic needs.
  • Supply chain fulfillment strategies are shared, so customers understand lead time expectations
    based on product selection.
  • Defined rolls and accountabilities throughout entire order management process.