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Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Field Engineering and Onsite Services

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Services Tailored to You

Services Tailored to You

Swagelok is more than a component provider. We are  your source for everything from working safer and smarter  to designing new solutions, to improving plant maintenance. It’s true we’re known for tube fittings — it’s also true Swagelok is known for:

  • Safety above all
  • Unrivaled training and education
  • Deep technical know-how providing valuable plant services 

Swagelok is a high-performance resource for your plant and your people. 

Our Engineering Capabilities

Our Engineering Capabilities

Swagelok Indiana | Cincinnati has a dedicated set of engineers to help keep your operations running smoothly, whether they are advising you about component selection or troubleshooting your system. 

Our dedicated team of engineers can also help with:

  • Installation training
  • Safety training
  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • System improvements

Swagelok helps your plant run smoother with:

Technical Support and Solution Team

Systems Addressed by Swagelok Field Engineers

System Addressed by Swagelok Field Engineers

  • Analyzer sample conditioning systems
  • Grab sampling systems
  • Mechanical seal support systems
  • Gas distribution systems
  • Steam systems
  • Steam lances for equipment degreasing
  • Instrumentation pigtails for gas pipelines
  • Chemical sterilization dispensers for hospitals
  • Point-of-use manifolding
  • Manifolding for multiple gas cylinders
  • Regulator changeover manifolds
  • Purge panels
  • Bulk specialty gas systems
  • Welding gas systems
  • Canisters for high purity chemicals
  • Chiller systems
  • Gas sticks for purge and specialty processes
  • Ultrapure water systems
  • Tool gas boxes for semiconductor production